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A long way from Greek mythology and not created by a beautiful white bull and a queen, but through an unfortunate accident in a sorcerer's laboratory with a sacrificial roast beef sandwich and the sorcerer's body guard. Players will meet this aggressive monstrosity several times throughout the game and should beware.

This creature is very strong and is a very talented killer using mostly swords and axes as his preferred weapons.


Giants live alone in mountain caves.They do not usually disturb anyone, but sometimes they approach villages and attack the cows. A Giant is huge and very strong. A party of several woodbutchers is usually not enough to defeat a giant. The best units for a fight against a giant are heavily armored Knights who attack him in a squad. Armed with a powerful club, a giant can crush every character with a few blows. In KnightShift we have included several different kinds of Giants: a Giant family consisting of a male, a female and a young Giant. Additionally, as a special enemy you have to fight against a Giant with a huge, mystical egg. What is the story surrounding this egg? No, we won’t tell you. Just play, and the veils of secrecy will be lifted.


There are various types of skeletons in the game and each type has its own characteristics and behaviour and uses different weapons and armor. They are conjured up from the underworld in large groups and represent all that is evil.

Their sole objective is your destruction! Beware!

Pilous Mephitis®

This creature is a monster created by dark powers. You can meet this “thing” most often in the vicinity of graveyards, barrows and swamps. It is extremely dangerous and very fast. If a small party of heroes meets it, they have a rather small chance of survival.

During the game you will meet a variety of mutations of this creature. They behave similarly, but take care... if you have already defeated one, do not think the next one is an easy task - you could be wrong.

Basics I Magicians I Monsters I Animals