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Prince John is the Hero of this game. After having been brought back from a terrible void betrween life and death, he must reclaim his kingdom, win back his fiancee and become victorious over a dragon. The Prince can also find and take better weapons from the scenery to improve his combat skills and resiliance in battle. As the game goes on the prince evolves from a clumsy, na´ve young man to the most powerful and strongest warrior of all. He has no magical abilities, but is an excellent leader. All other combat characters are more efficient when close to the prince.


Warrior squads are a basic defense for villages. They protect them both from wild animals and from attacks from enemy tribes. Of course this character can also be used to attack other villages. Wearing leather armor and armed with swords, Warriors are more dangerous than woodbutchers. Exploring the world, they may find better equipment, helmets, shields, armor and swords, making them more resistant in combat and causing greater damage to enemies. Similar to woodbutchers and archers, Warriors recover health lost in combat while sleeping. Warriors live in Barracks.


Once the toughest, most loyal and trustworthy Knight in the prehistory of KnightShift but now getting on a bit, Floyd polishes his armor and calls his warrior into combat together with Prince John in the coming battles to win back the kingdom from the dark, despicable Lord. He played his own involuntary part in the prince's disappearance and has his own terrible secret to reveal. Floyd is a very resilient fighter who can improve his combat abilities during the game by taking better weaponry and armor when found.


The Woodbutcher is one of most important characters; with his giant axe he can build or repair all houses and other structures, or destroy enemy buildings and cut trees. But he is not only a man of peace. Wandering about the world, a Woodbutcher may find better axe types, allowing an increase in damage. So, if you intend to turn an enemy village into dust, you must have a few Woodbutchers in your army. A Woodbutcher has high strength and vitality. When he is injured in combat, he usually takes a regenerating nap. He wakes up fresh as a daisy and in perfect health. He lives in a Hut.

Mother in Law

The Mother in Law is a highly skilled woman, not attractive, but a powerful saboteur and diplomat. She can use her qualities properly, together with her intelligence, to convince the dwellers of any enemy building to swap sides. Her rolling pin is a convincing argument aiding her success. Using such a character, you can successfully take over any enemy building. Then she stays inside it for the duration of the game. A Mother in Law also has another useful ability: all woodbutchers close to her work 100% faster. She lives in a Hut.

Basics I Magicians I Monsters I Animals