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The Cow

The economy of the Knight Shift world is based on milk. Milk is the only resource, giving woodbutchers the strength to construct buildings. With time spent on grazing the efficiency of a cow also increases and the Cow goes a “level up” with each completed milking. So an old, experienced Cow is more valuable than a new, young one. When attacked a cow runs away in panic to its shed and remains there. After the enemy has been repelled, the cow should be sent back to its pasture. Cows have various colors and markings making it easier to identify them. Of course - Cows live in Cowsheds.


Wolves are one of the player's most common opponents. You will often encounter them while exploring the maps. Some of them are not strong, but they may cause a lot of damage when they attack in packs. Wolves also attack the characters controlled by the AI (artificial intelligence). We recommend you to take care of your cows: don’t allow wolves to approach grazing cows, because the cows can't defend themselves. A wolf may be tamed by a cowherd. But that’s not always the best solution. Not all wolves are lapdogs, some are bigger and more dangerous. They have more HP and cannot be defeated easily.


The Bear is a wild animal. It is better not to disturb him. It is far more dangerous than a wolf. A one-to-one fight with a Bear usually ends in victory for the bear. Bears lives in dense forests, but when he is hungry he may approach villages. Your heroes in the game will certainly meet the bear face to face many times. The best way to fight off a bear is a long-range attack using archers and spearmen. After a shot, the archer can run away, before the bear gets close to him, then he can shoot once again. A bear can be tamed by a cowherd, becoming a valuable ally. During the progress of the game you will meet several kinds of Bears - one more dangerous than the other.

Basics I Magicians I Monsters I Animals