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A priest is an old man, who cares for the temple and has made sacrifices to the gods all his life. This mystical person has magical abilities. He can teleport himself to any place on the map, use a magical crow to see over long distances, creates a magical ghost to terrorize enemies and create magic wolves to attack them. The magical spirit is a burning apparition, which frightens enemies and causes them to flee outside of a certain radius. He uses no weapons, but can throw fireballs at enemies. Exploring the world he can find amulets to increase his resistance, healing speed or rate of regenerating his magical power. The Priest lives in a Temple.


As everyone knows witches fly on broomsticks and the KnightShift witches are no exception. But, this witch is a little different to the stereotype in that she does not have black-haired warts on her nose. She can be used for aerial combat if she is not repairing her broom and is useful against other magical characters. With her high voice and cackling laughter you will recognize her immediately. The old girl moans and grumbles a bit but you will like her. She has a heart of molten lead.

Amazon Sorceress

An Amazon Sorceress is a young, well, but lightly dressed woman with one powerful magical attribute.

Using her magical staff she can create a burning lightning spell and can roast, fry or boil the enemy very efficiently from a safe distance without causing casualties among her own people.

She can find and use amulets to increase her resiliance in battle and Mana (magical energy) in the KightShift landscape if she is fast enough, for there is a lot of competition for these valuable gifts.


A wizard is an old man who has a powerful and comprehensive knowledge of magic. He does not need to tame wolves as a cowherd does he merely creates them. A wizard can also summon a ghost, frightening all units.

Like some other characters the wizard knows the arcane of magic and can also use any amulets he finds. He can strike enemies with fireballs, convert them into cows or create a destructive fire rain. He lives in the Wizard's Tower.

Basics I Magicians I Monsters I Animals